Introducing – The Young Tennis Players Project

The Young Tennis Players project is the worldwide movement to give every child the opportunity to grow up and lead a healthy lifestyle by playing one of the best sports in the world – tennis.

But the Young Tennis Players project is not only beneficial for young tennis players, it also benefits everyone who becomes a part of the project. The Young Tennis Players project helps kids grow healthy and develop their talents without having to worry about being able to pay for it.

The best part for you is that by joining the project – you not only get partial ownership, but you also have the opportunity to earn money!

The need for the YOUNG TENNIS PLAYERS project

Unfortunately, not many organizations are willing to support young tennis players who can’t afford to play. That’s why we started the YOUNG TENNIS PLAYERS project. It provides support to children learning to play tennis and it allows them to develop and grow during their important childhood years. The project is founded as a non-profit, meaning the company will not keep earnings for itself but will use the proceeds to support the project.

What are the goals of the project?

  1. Support young tennis players – So that any child who wants to play and learn tennis skills will have the opportunity to do so.
  2. Expand the YDZ Sports Apparel Brand - The brand will be contributing to the project by helping to fund the primary goal.
  3. A Safe and Peaceful Environment for Children - Many children grow up in unsafe, even dangerous places where the opportunities for them to associate with bad people and get into trouble are many. The project will provide them with a safe place to spend time with other children learning and improving their tennis skills.
  4. Participate in Fun and Healthy Activities - This project aims to help protect our children and to show them that spending their free time participating in sports and being active is both fun and healthy. Too many children all over the world spend their time sitting in front of a computer or using their smart devices and spending hours on social media.

Who are project co-owners?

A co-owner is anyone who participates in the YOUNG TENNIS PLAYERS project. Everyone who participates will get a piece of the project.

How to become a co-owner?

  1. Complete the short form on this page with your name, country and email. We hate spam and will only use your data to communicate with you about the YOUNG TENNIS PLAYERS project.
  2. Once you confirm your email address, you’ll be entered into our database and – You’re now part of the project supporting children learning and playing tennis!
  3. We’ll give you your piece of the project.
  4. Get more units. Get a bigger piece of the project.

What Happens Next and What Can I do?

We’ll keep you updated by email on the progress of the project.

You should share information about the YOUNG TENNIS PLAYERS project with all of your friends, family, and co-workers. Co-owners are the cornerstone of the project and its success depends on each and every co-owner spreading the word. The more people who learn about and participate in the YOUNG TENNIS PLAYERS project, the more successful the project will become.

Project Units

The project is divided into 100,000 parts (units). One unit represents 1/100,000 of the project (the units are not securities).

Price of the units:  Free of charge
Standard service charge:  only 9.90 USD/unit/year

(this fee is strictly for servicing and management of the project units)

Every co-owner who joins the project will get 1 unit free (the service fee will be waived for this unit for 10 years), which translates into:

  • a share in the revenue generated through sales of YDZ sports apparel
  • a share in the worth of the registered trademark of the YDZ sports apparel brand

How do I get units?

You will get 1 unit for free (the service fee will be waived for this unit for 10 years) after you join the project through this website. Even though you can only join the project once, there are other ways to get more units. The more units you own, the bigger your ownership of the project is. These units can not be purchased, you get them for free. All you pay is the service charge. You decide the number of units to have.

If you want more units, just follow the instructions you’ll receive by email after you join the project.

Get units as a reward for your friends and family who join the project:

  • Share the project 5 times with your friends and family on social media and you’ll earn 1 unit (the service fee will be waived for this unit for 10 years) as a reward.
  • Or share the project ten times with your friends and family on social media and you’ll earn 2 units (the service fee will be waived for this unit for 10 years) as a reward.

To show us that you’ve shared the project, send a screenshot to us at

Our customer service center will check your screenshots and after they approve, you’ll be rewarded with additional units.

You'll get an email confirmation of the number of units you've earned within 30 days following the end of the campaign.

The campaign is scheduled to end on January 31, 2018.


Profits generated will be used to financially support young tennis players. They will get free tennis lessons, be able to attend a variety of tennis camps, and even attend other sporting events. Currently, we have more than 500 young tennis players from around the world registered in our database who play tennis.

Share in the revenue generated through sales of YDZ sports apparel

Every co-owner not only becomes a part owner of the project, but also has the opportunity to participate in the revenue generated through sales of YDZ sports apparel.

We launched the YDZ sports apparel sales promotion through our business partners on October 1, 2017 and have already sold 75,000 YDZ athletic T-shirts. The website and e-shop are coming soon.

Starting January 1, 2018, 20% of the net annual sales of YDZ sports apparel will be distributed among co-owners each year. Payouts will be made each March of the following year, meaning the first payout to co-owners will be in March 2019.

Benefits of owning 10 or more units

If you own more than 10 units (as of December 31, 2017), the first payout of your share of the revenue from YDZ sports apparel sales will start with the 2017 sales promotion, so your first payout will actually come a year earlier - in March 2018.

Based on the first results of the sales promotion, we anticipate the share of the revenue for 2017 to be greater than 150% of the annual service charge for one unit – more than 15 USD per unit. If you own 10 units, your first payout would be more than 150 USD.

If you get more units – you’ll start earning money sooner!

Payments to co-owners will be made via PayPal (to the holder’s email address). Recipients are responsible for any transaction fees.

If you have any questions about this project or any other projects we’re involved with – Please contact us here.

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